What kind of creative musical genius resides in your soul?  Take our quiz and find out!


  1. It’s Friday night, and you are taking the night off music practise… where are you?
    2. Enjoying a fun/relaxing BBQ on the back deck with friends
    3. out for a classy dinner with friends/family
    4. Reading a great book
    5. You are walking around aimlessly staring at walls
  2. You prefer concerts that…
    1. have a mosh pit up front
    2. you can clap/sing along to
    3. have quiet and attentive listeners in their seats
    4. have the lyrics written on the screen to make sure they are understood
    5. have TONS of cowbell
  3. Favourite part of a song is…
    1. instrumental solo
    2. the groove and melody
    3. the overall musical arrangement
    4. lyrics
    5. when it is finally over. Music is boring.
  4. Your favourite types of songs are
    1. something loud and heavy with a sweet solo/power ballad…with a sweet solo!
    2. something fun and light-hearted with a catchy beat and gets stuck in your head!
    3. something well arranged with great musical technique and orchestration
    4. A song where regardless of the genre, the musical emotion perfectly suits the lyrics
    5. you enjoy long recordings of farm animals
  5. You are considering music lessons because
    1. you want to be a rockstar
    2. you want to try out a fun new hobby
    3. you want to begin a serious and committed study of music theory and technique
    4. you want to learn how to put your poetry to music
    5. someone is forcing you to
  6. Your favourite musical tastes are in which main category?
    1. classic rock, hardrock, heavy metal, progressive metal
    2. Pop, pop-rock, hip-hop, techno/dance
    3. classical, jazz, fusion, instrumental
    4. folk, soft rock, country, blues,
    5. chocolate, with whip-cream and oh wait…what was the question?
  7. What category is your fav colour in?
    1. black/hot pink
    2. yellow/orange
    3. blue/beige
    4. Green/purple
    5. fluorescent teal…whatever that is
  8. What is your favourite season?
    1. Winter
    2. Summer
    3. Fall
    4. Spring
    5. ketchup is my favourite seasoning.
  9. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, they would be
    1. Hair gel, mirror, solar powered karaoke machine
    2. scuba gear, beach volleyball net, yoyo..might as well enjoy myself
    3. buzz saw, hammer, nails…might as well construct a fine dwelling while I’m there
    4. A pencil, notebook and video camera so you could write about and document your adventure
    5. 2 pin-striped neckties and 1 polkadotted bowtie
  10. Describe how your bedroom looks
    1. posters up all over the walls, messy but really cool
    2. very bright and comfortable, but yeah…messy
    3. very elegant and nice, I have spent a long time making it just perfect!
    4. Very tidy and organized, I know just where to find everything!
    5. Bedroom? What’s that? I live in a tree!!
  11. If you could have super hero powers, what would they be? Pick your superhero style!!
    1. I would choose powerful stuff like super strength and speed!!
    2. I would choose fun stuff like being able to fly, jump and swing around!! Weeeeeee!!
    3. I would choose sneaky stuff like turning invisible and super good sense of sight/sound
    4. I would choose smart stuff like reading minds and predicting the future, and organizing the team!
    5. Super hero? Pah. I’m a super villain!!! Muahahahaa!!
  12. Favourite movie type
    1. Action
    2. Comedy
    3. An old classic
    4. Drama
    5. Documentary on the history of the geranium.

Check your results:

(mostly 1’s) You are a crazy rocker! ~ You are known for your wild hair, mind blowing guitar solo’s, finger flying piano madness, face melting vocal chords and fast lane personality! If this sounds like a future you, check out our music lessons and LIVE THE DREAM BABY!! WOOOO!

(mostly 2’s) You are a fun lovin’, finger snappin’, toe tappin’ Music Monster! ~ You just can’t get enough of a catchy tune and a thumpin’ beat! So what are you waiting for? Guitar, piano, vocal or all 3, will give you a chance to unleash your musical energy on the world!! So sign up and get down and boogie!

(mostly 3’s) My aren’t you a classy one? ~ You add a touch of sophistication and subtle beauty to your art. Whether tickling the 88 keys, floating over the 6 strings, or unleashing from the depths of your diaphram, your technical grace is inspiring and has concert halls packed, far and wide. New OpporTUNEities is commited to providing you with the musical knowledge and training to soar to musical heights you never dreamed possible!

(mostly 4’s) You are a deep and contemplative lyricist! ~ No greater satisfaction comes than knowing that the lyrics that have made us laugh, cry, made our souls soar in elation, or perhaps moved the masses to seek a better way, originated on a little scrap piece of paper in your writing folder! Your musical accompaniment beautifully compliments the emotion of your words! Music lessons, and song writing workshops with New OpportUNEities will help you to develop these God given instincts and satisfy your Writing Itch!

(mostly 5’s) um…I’m gonna guess you didn’t answer ALL of the questions truthfully did you…? Haha, well, your creativity and good sense of humour will give you much success as you begin to experience or continue the joy of piano, guitar or vocal lessons with New OpporTUNEities!