Christopher Prins

Teaches: Guitar (All genres/techniques, beginner to advanced, electric/acoustic), Rock Band Program, Song Writing Workshops, Digital Recording Production.

Music History:

As a lifelong song-writer, Chris continues to return to the guitar as his medium of choice. Since being awarded the O.D.S.S. guitar award in his first year of study, the past 11 years of his life have been consumed by a thirst for more. Chris formed a rock band named “Malachi” in 2000, writing, recording, and performing an original set of 12 songs across Ontario and into the US. In the Orangeville Banner, an article (less than humbly) titled “Canada’s Best Christian Rock Group” detailed their exciting journey entering a ‘Battle of the Bands” contest sponsored by Life 100.3 fm against 300 other groups across North America, resulting in a 4th place overall finish! They received playtime on the radio and also performed in front of over 18,000 fans watching live across the internet! This exposure lead to a unique opportunity for Chris to be flown down to Nashville and do some studio guitar work for the Dove Award winning female trio “Carried Away”. Chris’s other band “Truth and Consequence”, was also the winner of the Orangeville Canada Day Talent Contest 3 years consecutively.


In July 2013, Chris unveiled the culmination of his musical life’s work in a production called Foreshadowing Light with current band C.o.Z. (Citizen of Zion). Chris wrote over 90 minutes of original music and lyrics in this concept album which chronologically puts 15 Biblical events to progressive heavy/melodic rock music. Chris plays lead guitar in CoZ and sings backup while his wife and fellow instructor Becki sings lead vocals and plays keyboards in the group. Goals for the future include further touring this production and creating a high quality CD of this epic work. CoZ also puts on an annual community Christmas event called Ignite the Night that are Christmas rock concerts that raise funds for the Lighthouse soup kitchen in Orangeville. Chris and Becki write their own original arrangements and have in the past years included New OpporTUNEities student choirs and rockbands as part of the winter productions. To date over $50,000 has been raised by this initiative!

Teaching Experience:

Chris has 6 years of professional full time experience teaching guitar at New OpporTUNEities Studio, starting back when lessons were taught from their home to their current large studio location in Orangeville. Chris is also very passionate about song writing and providing performance experience for his students and has helped lead many annual song writing workshops and student performance geared Rock Band programs…forget Guitar Hero…this is the real deal!!

For the past 3 years in the mornings, Chris is also the Music teacher at Headwater Hills Montessori school in Orangeville and teaches group and private lessons there including a brand new Recorder band program.  Music is about limitless possiblities of creative expression to Chris…and it rubs off on his students.