Emily Curry

My earliest childhood memories include sitting at the upright piano in my living room practicing.  I began piano lessons when I was four years old, and haven’t stopped to this day.  With the Royal Conservatory of Music, I have completed my level 6 theory and am currently working on my level 7.  I have also completed my grade 7 practical, and am now working on my grade 8.  I have been working with Becky to develop my ear training – breaking songs down and developing them using chord progressions.  Music has always held a special place of importance in my life, not just playing it, but listening to it as well.  I love how it transcends age, language, gender, and culture…how it can bring people together in a way that is organic and pure.  I am drawn to all types of music, but jazz will always have a special place in my heart.  I am excited for this opportunity to share with others the joy of music, and pray it will bless them as much as it has blessed me.